Arsenis | Sheep Hand Shear Scissor & Knife Production - Larissa

Our craft undertakes the sharpening (from all over Greece) of your scissors as well as the sharpening of the set of cutting knives of sheep shearing machines.
Τρόχισμα παλαιού ψαλιδιού
Old scissor sharpening

The sharpening of the scissors requires specialized knowledge and great experience so that the scissors become fully functional again but also have durability. We have the knowledge and experience and we have been offering it to you for many years.

Τρόχισμα σετ κοπτικών μαχαιριών κουρευτικών μηχανών
Sharpening set of trimmers

Exclusively for the sharpening of the cutting knives of the cutting machines, our handicraft has the most modern grinding machine in Greece, which does not burn the head and grinds it evenly.